Tower building for residential use with high standards of habitability (AAA energy classification, home automation, centralized HVAC). The building is part of the Z8 sector and occupies the central part of the area affected by the Allotment Plan which extends between the G.R.A. and the municipal road of Castel di Leva (Rome – Laurentina). The terrain is quite flat and does not have excessive differences in height. The private real estate initiative saw the construction of a tower building for residential use consisting of 8 floors above ground, including a pilot floor, plus a basement. The overall volume is equal to 7,957.41 cubic meters. The pilotis floor allows for the continuity and functional and visual permeability of the neighboring green areas. The pedestrian entrance takes place at the same level as the road, without the inclusion of ramps to overcome architectural barriers. The apartments develop around a central node formed by the distribution spaces (corridors, stairwells and elevators).

Overall, 34 apartments were built distributed as follows:

  • First floor 4 three-room apartments;
  • Floor Type x 6 1 two-room apartment – 4 three-room apartments.

Each apartment has a balcony over the entire length, dimensions between 1.50m and 2.50m deep depending on the side of exposure. On the north – east side, towards the public green, where the gap is 5.00m, the width is 1.50m to allow the overcoming of architectural barriers. In the basement, located 3.50m below street level, the garage is located, consisting of 24 parking spaces, 2 motorcycle spaces, washrooms and technical spaces.




START OF WORKS: 25/05/2017 – 13/09/2019