Since the tragic events of April 6th 2009, the l’Aquila citizens have searched in many places and many times for a lost sociality, for a post earthquake normalcy.

Thus, every street reopening, building restoration, temporary camp closure and site inauguration is a highly anticipated event, during which the population can tell themseves: “We are going back to normal after the earthquake!”

In actual fact, the search for and dream of normalcy are not fully realised yet. However, like lightning in a clear sky, there are moments in which hope can live again, enthusiasm lights up, and a new rebirth takes place.

For this reason the reopening of the newly restored San Bernardino Basilica will be an event with a capital E and will be important for its historic significance and the presence in the city of the Franciscan friars. This restoration is testament to the greatness of the work that has been done, because the Basilica is a symbol place which represents the entire Aquila community, it’s where the people get married and gather with their families; it’s a place of sociality and normalcy.


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